With a wealth of experience in fabrication of Architectural steel, we feel that we will always meet the clients requirements. We have been nominated by clients and Architects as a preferred subcontractor on projects as a result of our proven track record.

Working in close collaboration with the client and design team concept sketches, are turned into 3d models and samples for approval. The quality of the finish is paramount in our architectural steel work. Our skilled fabricators have extensive experience in the fabrication of mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.


The use of glass balustrades on our stair designs has expanded into their use on stand-alone projects, both on a domestic and commercial environment.

Our design team has a comprehensive knowledge of the different factors to be considered in the detailing of glass balustrades, we can also provide ancillary certification and design certification through our structural engineering partners.


We work with clients and architects to design and fabricate stairs which are often a signature feature on projects. TOL have a set of standard stair designs which can be altered to suit unique design situations. These stair designs range for traditional with a ornate style balustrade to modern cantilever stairs with glass balustrades. The design of these stairs are all in compliance with current building regulations and are carefully coordinated with the project design team by our in house designers. The steel structure of these stairs offers a quality and solid alternative to the traditional timber stairs.

The use of BIM for the design of bespoke stairs and balustrades helps stream line the approval process, our design team also provide the client with 3d renderings of the stair to aid visualisation.



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